Interpersonal Skills for Technical People

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Interpersonal Skills for Technical People

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We understand that each client is unique, so we tailor our solutions and services to meet your specific needs.  

Interpersonal skills can be learnedand are crucial skills for technical people who, despite their technical brilliance, still need to collaborate with others to achieve their goals, communicate complex ideas effectively, and build strong working relationships. 
Our consultants can help technical teams develop the skills they need to become more effective consultants by providing training in areas such as self-awareness, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills.  


The program is hybrid and self-paced across 4 key modules, each module ends with a group coaching session to embed the learning and to practice real-world scenarios 


Best done as part of a team or cohort, this program content is based on best practices and research and facilitated by experienced coaches. 


Each participant also experiences a psychometric tool and coaching debrief session 1:1 so that they can understand themselves more deeply. 


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Program Objective 

Technical people, regardless of role, also need to build interpersonal skills as they navigate relationships with customers, internal stakeholders, peers, and colleagues. In particular, IT Consultancies have technical people who need to be able to explain complex concepts to non-technical clients, they need to be able to understand client problems and be able to articulate how technology can solve those solutions.


This program is perfect for a technical person who would like to improve their interpersonal skillset. At the end of the program participants will:  
✔️ Increase understanding of self and other people

✔️ Improve relationships and effectiveness in the workplace
✔️ Contribute to constructive conversations and positive outcomes
✔️ Understanding different cultures in globally distributed team
✔️ Build different an interpersonal toolkit for technical people
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Participant's Journey

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