ELEVATE Leadership Program

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We understand that each client is unique, so we tailor our solutions and services to meet your specific needs.  

People are often promoted into leadership roles when they are technically competent. What made them successful in the sole contributor role, won’t necessarily make them successful in the leadership role. 


This program is hybrid and self-paced across 4 key modules. Each module ends with a group coaching session to embed the learning and practice real-world scenarios. 


Best done as part of a team or cohort, this program content is based on best practices and research and facilitated by experienced coaches. Each participant also experiences a psychometric tool and coaching debrief session 1:1 so that they can understand themselves more deeply. 


Our consultants can help identify and develop the potential of your emerging leaders by providing them with the tools and resources they need to succeed in their roles. 


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Program Objective 

At the end of the program participants will:  

✔️ Discover where their focus should be when they start to lead more people

✔️ Provide a structured approach to refreshing their leadership skills and building capacity
✔️ Recognise how self-awareness, values, and mindset play an important part 
✔️ Determine leadership styles and attributes in building your own authentic leadership style 
✔️ Appreciate the value of managing expectations, developing others, and troubleshooting 
✔️ Learn the important role of the leader in culture, employee lifecycle, and leading in the new world
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Participant's Journey

Are you ready for a People & Culture approach that will radically change how your people feel about work?

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