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We understand that each client is unique, so we tailor our solutions and services to meet your specific needs.  

CliftonStrengths® is a framework developed by Gallup, a leading research and consulting company, for identifying and developing individual strengths.

The framework is based on the idea that individuals who focus on their natural talents and develop them into strengths are more likely to achieve success and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.
CliftonStrengths® consists of a series of questions that ask individuals to choose from a list of statements that best describe their natural tendencies and preferences.
The assessment then provides a personalized report that identifies the individual's top five strengths out of a total of 34 possible themes. The themes are oranised into four domains
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Individual Strengths Coaching

Individual CliftonStrengths® coaching is a type of coaching that is focused on helping individuals to identify and develop their unique strengths.
The coaching process involves:

✔️ Taking the Gallup/Clifton Strengths assessment to identify an individual's top

✔️  3 x 60 minutes Coaching Sessions: Working with a coach to understand how to use those strengths effectively.
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Group Strengths Coaching for Teams

CliftonStrengths® team coaching is designed to help teams understand and leverage their collective strengths to achieve their goals.
Group Strengths Coaching is customised and developed based on the
needs/challenges/goals of the team.

At Cult of Monday, we develop a bespoke approach based on:

✔️ Consultation with the department/team leader on group session needs
✔️ Individuals undertake the CliftonStrengths® assessment to identify an
individual's top strengths
✔️ Individual coaching x 1 session
✔️ 1 x half-day or full-day coaching program
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Build a strengths-based team culture 

Use CliftonStrengths® team coaching to help teams develop a shared understanding of the strengths-based philosophy and how to apply
it in their work.

By creating a culture that emphasizes strengths, teams can increase engagement, collaboration, and productivity.

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Improve communication and collaboration

CliftonStrengths® team coaching can help teams communicate more effectively and collaborate more efficiently. By understanding each other's strengths, team members can learn to leverage each other's skills and work together more productively.

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Develop team strengths profiles 

Develop team strengths profiles CliftonStrengths® team coaching can help teams identify and develop a shared strengths profile. By understanding each other's unique talents and strengths, team members can better understand how to work together to achieve shared goals

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Create action plans and ways of working

Use CliftonStrengths® team coaching to create action plans or agreed ways of working that leverage the team's strengths to achieve specific goals. Set clear
objectives and identify the team's strengths, through the coaching process, we can help teams develop actionable strategies that lead to success.

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