Making the Hybrid Workplace Fair

environment leadership management team Apr 13, 2021
Making the Hybrid Workplace Fair

In a recent HBR article, authors Mark Mortensen and Martine Haas talk about equitable power which includes access to information (above the line and below the line), infrastructure and opportunities.

Managers who are remote from their employees may feel like they’re operating in the dark. There are 4 ways to manage this environment

1. Track and communicate. Be aware of power as a dynamic within the team or business
2. Design. Be aware of redistributing power through shifting access to resources and/or visibility levels. Review KPIs and policies
3. Educate. Managers must promote awareness of the issues and educate employees (and themselves) on how to avoid bias and a power imbalance. Create a psychological safe environment. 
4. Monitor. throughout the employee lifecycle including performance reviews, onboarding 

In a hybrid environment, managers / leaders must be aware of power and creating an even paying field. 

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