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Find, grow and lead great talent for your digital economy SME

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Make Mondays Awesome 

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Cult of Monday
Cult of Monday

Make Mondays Awesome – find, grow and lead great talent for your digital economy SME

The digital economy is considered the fourth industrial revolution. This requires a different way of finding, engaging and leading people for your business. We cannot use practices and policies born out of the industrial revolution. The landscape has changed. Leadership has to lead the way. People are working differently.
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In Build the Cult of Monday you will learn:

  • How the global changes are impacting local workforces
  • How we can leverage the shift that technology has given us for our business
  • The importance of engaging and leading people in this remote, digital landscape
  • The need to build consulting skills no matter what your sector or technical skillset
  • What the employee experience can now include
  • How to ensure that your business becomes a magnet for talent

Are you ready for a People & Culture approach that will radically change how your people feel about work?

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