Workplace Wellbeing - Fad or Gamechanger?

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In this episode, we dive into the critical topic of workplace wellness, shedding light on its significance and addressing the increasing skepticism surrounding wellness initiatives. Our aim is to provide practical insights and suggestions for enhancing both workplace and personal well-being.

Joined by esteemed guests, we explore:

● Defining well-being

● Understanding the importance of prioritizing well-being

● The broad impact of well-being initiatives

● Empowering you to champion well-being within your organization, fostering energy and cultivating a vibrant company culture.

Welcome to the Cult of Monday podcast, helping you to make Mondays awesome by unlocking the potential of people within organisations. We discuss a range of topics across leadership, culture, ways of working.

Our first season covers wellbeing, resilience and thriving at work.

Guest Introduction

• Wayne Gowland CEO, xAmplify

• Nicole Ivory Chief People Officer, xAmplify

• Amanda Cebrian, Organisational Psychologist

Discussion Points

• Defining workplace wellbeing

• Gallup’s wellbeing model

• Unpacking the emerging backlash toward wellbeing initiatives and defining well washing

• Defining workplace wellbeing

• The organisational case for focusing on wellbeing

• Influencing decision makers within organisations

• Psychosocial risk, creating safe workplaces

• How can organisations enable wellbeing

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